Eruption of Hokkaido-Komagatake volcano

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Hokkaido-Komagatake volcano erupted suddenly on late 5 March 1996 (local time), following almost 54 years of repose. Many aerial photographs of this phreatic eruption were taken by ASIA AIR SURVEY Co., Ltd. on 7 March 1996.
Complete view(jpeg color 112k) Close up of new fissure(jpeg color 144k) Crater row( jpeg color 112k) All view (jpeg gray 80k) Vertical photos ( STEREO) (jpeg gray 88k) Location map (jpeg gray 144k) Distribution map (jpeg gray 80k) Mosaic photo (jpeg gray 128k)
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fissure-ash Full view
Closeup fissure Closeup view of new fissure
fissure Crater row
all view Overview of new craters
Vatical Vertical stereographic view
Loc. map Location map of airphoto

only Japanese 北海道駒ヶ岳1996年3月噴火に関する写真判読レポート
only Japanese 雪面上の降下火山灰の画像処理で何かわかるか

ash Photo map of ash fall area.
ash large Photo mosaic of ash fall area near vent.The direction of ash fall zone is from east to south.
onuma Boundary of ash fall area on Onuma
loc Location of new fissure / crater row
snow Ash fall out with snow at night on March 5,and covered by snow on March 6. At March 7, we can see gray ash on the snow again in the airphotograph.
JGSJ CHIBA Tatsuro (1996) Eruption of Hokkaido- Komagatake on March, 1996, The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan ,102 , cover photo page, in press.
ash.rainbow Degital photographical analysys of ash fall thickness on the white snow.

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