Eruption of Kuju volcano

Complete ( jpeg 64k ) Close-up ( jpeg 48k ) Vertical ( jpeg 80k ) Birds eye (132K) TV (100K)
The air photographs show phreatic eruption at Kuju volcano, central Kyushu, Japan. These photographs were taken by ASIA AIR SURVEY Co., Ltd. at Oct 13,1995.
Complete view Complete view (jpeg 64k)
Close-up view Close-up view (jpeg 48k)
view Vertical view (jpeg 80k)
Close-up view from the helicopter taken by Dr. KAMATA.*1)(132K)
TV view The eruption of Dec18,1995.(100K)
*1) Kamata hiroki and Chiba tatsuro(1995)Eruption of Iozan at Kuju volcano on October,1995,The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan,101,no.12,XXXXIII-XXXXVI.
25mDEM image Rainbow zebra image made from 25mDEM data that used spyglass transform (jpeg 80k).

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Vesiculated glass particle found in ash on December22, 1995.
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This photograph was taken by the French SPOT-2 satellite on the morning of October 13, 1995.

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