Subglacial eruption in Vatnajokull, Iceland

Subglacial eruption in Vatnajokull, Iceland

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November 6. - 9:00 GMT
The jūkulhlaup culminated at 22:30 hours last night. At that time close to 45.000 cubic m/s flowed from Grāmsvūtn, along a 50 km
Photographs from the jūkulhlaup. The Nordic Volcanological Institute
ERS-2 SAR images of the gracier-flood in Iceland. TromsĖ Satellite Station
Beautiful and clear photoes of jūkulhlaup Morgunbla.*i* (icelandic)

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Air photographs from Leiguflug (Air Charter Inc.) Iceland.
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OverviewOverview of eruption area cardolonSubsidence bowl
cock's tail jets cock's tail jets SAR images ERS-2 SAR images
Sep.17 and Oct.3 and Oct. 7
movie of cock's tail jetsCNN QT movie (845k) bird view CNN QT movie (613k)
vatnasaterite image of Vatna yokull geomapGeological map of Iceland

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