Olivine gabbro in Hoei scoria

The last eruption of Mt. Fuji was started at Nov. of 1707. And thick black scoria fall deposited at east flank of Mt. Fuji. A white pumice layer was founded at the bottom of Hoei-scoria. This pumice layer included many lithic fragments of olivine-gabbro. These samples were collected by Tatsuro CHIBA and Naomichi MIYAJI on July 26,1995. The sampling locality is Taroubou parking about 1500m high, about 4km east from Hoei crater.
It is the most beautiful outcrop of the Hoei scoria around Mt. Fuji. The thickness is 2.5m.

sample-1 (cumulate texture)
sample-2 (partial melt ?)

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Tatsuro CHIBA